List of Alleged UFO Crashes since 1800

One of the memes that help to constitute the modern UFO myth has it that craft piloted by extraterrestrials have crashed on Earth, the crash debris being secretly recovered by military authorities acting without democratic oversight. Indeed, the modern Roswell myth has been so thoroughly traveled that it now frequently stands in as a metonym for the UFO phenomenon more generally. See for example, comments by General Wesley Clark, to the effect that he ‘has not been briefed about Roswell’ which while intended to deflect curiosity have instead inflamed conviction by conspiracy theorists that something mysterious and otherworldly did on fact fall to Earth in the fateful summer of 1947. But like all successful memes, the saucer crash story is adaptive, moving beyond a few well-known cases to inhabit cultural niches as far removed from the southwestern United States as Brazil and Kazakhstan. Below you will find a list of alleged flying saucer crashes since 1800, gathered from various sources around the web. In many cases, only a fragment of an original story remains, the claims of one or two eye witnesses repeated ad infinitum on the Internet. In other cases, entire coherent narratives have sprung up around the alleged event, linking it to other conspiracy belief circles far and wide. In either case, there is an interesting geography to the saucer crash meme, with flurries of cases being reported in Europe and America, before the phenomenon moves further abroad with the onset of cultural globalization.


1864 September, Cadotte Pass, Missouri, newspaper reports
1884 June 6 Holdredge, Nebraska
1884 December 13 Sorisole near Bergamo, Italy
1897 April 17 Aurora, Texas, USA reported in local newspaper
1907 Burlington, Vermont, USA
1908 June 30 Tunguska River, USSR
1909 December 22 Chicago, Illinois, USA
1910/1915 Puglia, Italy
1923 Quetta, Pakistan
1925 Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA
1925 September / October Polson, Montana
1930 Mandurah, Western Australia
1933 June 13, Magenta, Italy
1936 Black Forest, Germany
1938 Czernica, Poland
1941 West San Diego, California, USA
1941 Spring Cape Girardeau, Missouri
1941 July 4th Tinian Island, Oceania
1945 UK, very little information available
1945 Mataquescuintla, Guatemala
1946 Magdalena, New Mexico, USA
1946 July 9 Lake Barken, Sweden
1946 July 10 Bjorkon, Sweden
1946 July 18 Lake Mjosa Sweden
1946 July 19, Kolmjarv Lake, Sweden
1946 August 12 Sweden
1946 August 16 Malmo Sweden
1946 October, Southern Sweden
1947 Janurary, Papago Indian Reservation, Arizona, USA
1947 May Spitzbergen, Sweden newspaper articles report recovery of 17 bodies
1947 May 31 Socorro, New Mexico, USA
1947 July near St. Joseph, Montana, USA
1947 July 4 Roswell, NM the famous Roswell case involving 4-5 bodies
1947 July 5 Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico
1947 July 31 Maury Island, Tacoma
1947 August 13 Hopi Reservation, Arizona, USA
1947 October Cave Creek, Arizona, USA, Very little information
1947 October Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA
1947 October 20 San Diego, California, USA
1948 Kingman, Arizona, USA
1948 February 13 Aztec, New Mexico, USA, 2-12 bodies
1948 April 12 Near Aztec, New Mexico, USA
1948 March 25 White Sands, NM
1948 7 / 8 July 38 miles from Laredo, Texas, Bodies recovered
1948 August Laredo, Texas 1 body
1949 Roswell, NM
1949 August 19 Death Valley, California, USA Story 2 prospectors, 2 living beings reported
1950 Near Mexico City, Mexico second-hand testimony.
1950 January Mojave Desert, California, USA, possible hoax
1950 February 18th Copenhagen, Denmark A farmer sees a UFO explode
1950 March New Mexico, USA. FBI documents relay a story about recovery of 3 saucers
1950s (mid) Birmingham, Alabama, USA, one witness
1950 April 1 Wiesbaden, Germany, probable April Fools prank
1950 April Argentina
1950 May 10 Bahia Blanca Province, Argentina
1950 September 10 Albuquerque, Texas, USA 3 bodies
1950 December 6, El Indio / Guerrero, Border Tex / Mex, Texas, USA
1951 was Sierra Madre, Mexico, anonymous story claims body and recovered gear
1952 July Washington DC, USA
1952 July 23 Pueblo, Colorado, USA, suspected hoax
1952 August Ohio, USA
1952 August 15 Ely, Nevada 16 bodies recovered
1952 September 9 Spitzbergen, Norway, probably newspaper hoax
1953 Brady, Montana Recovery of bodies by the army, probably newspaper hoax
1953 April 18 Southwest Arizona, USA
1953 May 20 western Utah, USA
1953 20/21 May Kingman, Arizona, USA Witnesses, 2 bodies reported
1953 June 19 Laredo, Texas, USA 4 bodies
1953 was Fort Polk, Los Angeles, USA
1953 July 10 Johannesburg, South Africa 5 bodies
1953 October 13 Dutton, Montana, USA 4 bodies
1954 (Spring) Mattydale, New York, USA Police denies incident
1955 Eucla, Australia, newspaper reports that 3 youths witnessed crash
1955 May 5 Brighton, R-U. 5 bodies, probable hoax
1955 July Vestra Norrland, Sweden, probable tabloid hoax
1957 July 18 Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA 4 bodies
1957 September 14 Ubatuba, Brazil, physical traces, fragments analyzed
1957 November 21 Reasty Hill, Scarborough, UK
1958 /1959 Woomera, Australia
1958 Desert of Utah, USA
1959 North Rome, Italy
1959 Conser Lake, Oregon, USA
1959 Georgia A UFO explodes and a creature is found, allegedly
1959 January 21 or February 21 Gdynia, Poland
1959 September 17 Wormer, near Amsterdam, Holland
1959 September 26 near Moscow, crashed disc and a humanoid 80 cm tall reported
1960 Spain
1960s Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA
1960 March New Paltz, New York, USA, live alien reported
1961 Timmendorfer Germany, story told by former NATO soldier
1961 April 28 Lake Onega, Karelskaya, USSR
1962 Otero County, New Mexico, USA
1962 April 18 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA possible bolide meteor
1962 June 12 Holoman AFB, New Mexico, USA 2 bodies
1963 July 16 Charlton, UK
1963/1972 Australia
1963 December 10 Cosford UK RAF base
1964 Penkridge, UK possible satellite debris
1964 November 10 Fort Riley, Kansas, USA 9 bodies
1965 San Rafael, Argentina
1965 September, Kandalasha Russia
1965 December 9 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA famous case
1966 October 26 Arizona, USA 1 body.
1966 November Otocoek, Slovenia 1 body. Probable hoax
1967 January Southwest Missouri, USA
1968 February 12 Orocue, Colombia, The U.S. claims ‘satellite debris’
1972 July 18 Saharan desert, Morocco 3 bodies
1973 Troodos, Cyprus
1973 July 10 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies
1974 Llandrillo, Clwyd, Wales, UK
1974 November 9 Carbondale, Pennsylvania USA
1974 May 1 Chile, New Mexico, USA UFO moved to Kirtland AFB
1974 August 25 Chihuahua, Mexico
1976 May 12 Desert, Australia 4 bodies
1977 April 5 South Western Ohio, USA 11 bodies
1977 June 22 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies
1977 August 17 Tobasco, Mexico 2 bodies
1978 Lac Ul’ken Borly, Kustanay region, Kazakhstan
1978 Ocean near Finland, USSR
1978 May 6 Padcaya, Bolivia expedition to recover object
1978 November 10 Lebanon
1982 China, Army recovered crashed UFO deserted by its occupants in the Gobi Desert, probable hoax
1988 Russia Hill 611: debris recovered and analyzed
1988 November Afghanistan 7 bodies
1989 Ontario, Canada
1989 May 7 Kalahari desert, Botswana, South Africa
1989 September 28 Smith’s Point Beach, Long Island, New York, USA
1990 September 2 Megas Platanos, Greece
1992 April Niagara Falls, USA Recovery by Army
1992 Long Island, New York, USA
1994 Birmingham, UK
1996 January 20 Varginha, Brazil aliens alleged captured by the army following a crash
2000 August 27 Baluchistan, Pakistan, newspaper report
2006 November Bahia, Brazil A flying saucer spotted on back of truck, probable misidentification
2008 May 27, Phu Quoc, Vietnam, various media reports


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  1. Interesting how they become less frequent from 1990 onwards as the internet takes hold and the debunking of urban legends become easier.

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